12th Annual Steak & Burger Dinner

Please join us for a special evening to celebrate the legacy and timeless contributions that Lee and Mary Markquart have given through their dedication and passion for youth in the community. Because of their leadership and vision, more youth have had more opportunities than they have ever dreamed possible. The Boys & Girls Club – Mary Markquart Center is honored to commemorate their legacy.

The Steak & Burger Dinner is a special evening where we showcase our members to the community. Guests will enjoy a fun-filled evening of delicious food, performances from Club members, a silent auction and most importantly, the opportunity to get to know the members. To keep the Club's priorities in perspective, the kids enjoy steaks, while the adults enjoy burgers.

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Each year, the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Greater Chippewa Valley selects an outstanding young person to receive its local Youth of the Year Award, the highest honor bestowed upon a member of the Boys & Girls Clubs. This award recognizes commendable character, academic achievement and outstanding volunteer service to a member’s Club and community.
Boys & Girls Clubs of the Greater Chippewa Valley - Mary Markquart Center
2018 Youth of the Year Representative - Avianna

Avianna has been a Club member since 2012 and credits the Club with helping develop her passion for music, leadership, confidence, and academic success. According to Avianna, staff at the Mary Markquart Center have continued to support her and helped her to be confident in every challenge that she encounters. As a shy and doubtful youth Club member, Avianna was able to discover that she enjoyed singing. With the help of Club staff, she found her confidence and voice to persevere through her first performance. Since then, Avianna has been able to perform at numerous events through the Club and actively participates in her school’s show choir. “Because of the love and support I receive from the Club and the staff, I am able to be the determined and confident girl I am today.”

Avianna has continued to persevere through many challenges, from dealing with obsessive compulsive disorder and depression to bullying. Her vision for youth is to provide a safe place for kids to build self-confidence, self-worth, and self-esteem. She wants to empower youth by showing them how to be caring, compassionate, and to be positive to overcome bullying. 

Through programs such as Healthy Habits, Keystone, and Junior Staff, Avianna is able to learn skills to help her mom cook healthy meals at home, be a leader to younger youth, and to help the community. “Being a caring, passionate, and ambitious leader is important to me because it makes me who I am. I have learned all this through my time at the Club and I am proud to say they’ve made me who I am today. I hope to pass my strengths on to other youth through my actions every day.” 

In her great future, Avianna would like to become a music teacher. Her goal is to continue empowering youth through music.


Boys & Girls Clubs of the Greater Chippewa Valley - Mary Markquart Center
2018 Youth of the Year Representative - Angeline

As a member of the Boys & Girls Clubs since 2011, Angeline praises her Club with helping find her life passions. Angeline enjoys participating in programs such as Drama Matters and Keystone. She enjoys helping younger youth within the Club and in the community. She strives to pursue acting and public speaking. “Through the six years as a Club member, I have been able to learn many important skills that I value today.” 

As a child of a single parent home, Angeline’s vision for youth is to provide resources for single parent families. At a young age, she witnessed the pain and struggles of a single parent home. Before she was five years old, she saw the struggle of debt and moving to several houses. When she was eleven, she learned the hard truth about her father being convicted to terrible crimes. 

Angeline would like to continue to be an advocate for the Boys & Girls Club. Through the Club, she is able to overcome the burdens from home. She also has the ability to experience opportunities she was not aware of before and would like to share that with future youth. “The benefit of going to the Club ranges from being loved to getting opportunities that many may not be able to afford.” 

According to Angeline, the Club has provided her the opportunity to find her own self. “Since I grew up at the Boys & Girls Club, the majority of who I am today is because of the programs I have participated in, the friends I have made, and the positive influence staff has given me.” 

Angeline has many passions for her great future. She would like to be a lawyer or an actress.


Meet the June Youth Member of the Month
Owen G!
Owen has been named August Youth Member of the Month for his respectful and inclusive posture towards others, his enthusiasm to participate in all programming,and his willingness to help out around the Club without incentives.
This is his third summer at the Club and he's been having a blast! He has the option to stay home next year as he will be in sixth grade, but he says he is choosing to come back because he gets to hang out with his buds and learn new things.
Owen has learned how to play pool and tennis, both of which is has come to love playing, at the Club. He says his grades in art class have gotten better as he spends a lot of time doing different art projects at the Club too.
Meet the June Teen Member of the Month
Camila A!
Camila is the Teen Member of the Month for her above and beyond kind, caring, and respectful behavior. She is always willing to help out which has led to her applying for and becoming a Junior Staff member, a program where teen members are able to help out in the kitchen, facilitating programming, and running the incentive store.
Camila's favorite program is Teen Cuisine, a partnership with UW-Extension. She has learned quite a few recipes for healthy snacks and also has learned how to cut, chop, and dice properly and safely. She has even used what she has learned at the Club in Teen Cuisine and has used her growing knowledge and skills at home.
Camila says the Club is a fun place to be. She has made lots of new friends, learned lots of new things, and considers the Club a "safe place".
Meet our Advisory Council Member of the Month
Malia Markquart!


We would like to introduce you to our Advisory Council Member of the Month, Malia Markquart.  Malia is a proud full-time mom of the coolest 20-month-old she knows.  She has been on our Advisory Board since 2012, and first got involved, while working as a teacher in the district, by the encouragement of her grand-father-in-law Lee Markquart. Her favorite Club event is Steak & Burger - "I just love visiting with the kids" Malia said.  Malia also shared her personal experience with the Club.  She does respite care for two kids that attend the Club.  Before they were old enough to come to the Club, they were put in a dangerous childcares situation while their mom was at work.  Now they have a chance to attend the Club during the summer, and after school, and even some of the fun overnight trips.  They are great kids and Malia knows they will be successful now that they have a consistent and safe place to spend their afterschool time.  

When Malia's not teaching yoga, she loves reading and then sharing what she's read with her book club.  Also catching live music with her husband is top on the list when then can.  

Thank you, Malia, for your many years of giving back. The Club is fortunate to have you on our Advisory board and is grateful for all you do for the youth in the Chippewa Valley.  Thank you for making a difference!  



Join us for the school year at our NEW location! Transportation will be available from most Eau Claire schools!  Please call the Club or email the center at marymarkquartcenter@cvclubs.org for more information on transportation!

Membership is only $15.00 per calendar year per child or $30.00 per household per calendar year.  The Club accepts children aged 8-18 or in grades 3rd-12th! 

If your child is not already a member or if your child needs to be renewed for 2017 as a Boys & Girls Club member, click here.


Boys & Girls Clubs of the Greater Chippewa Valley - Mary Markquart Center Awarded Grant By Boys & Girls Clubs of America and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation

Boys & Girls Club - Mary Markquart Center received a new grant to improve the health and well-being of Eau Claire area kids, thanks to Boys & Girls Clubs of America and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. The Club provides kids and teens with critical programming during out-of-school time that creates positive environment and supports a healthy, active lifestyle. This grant is one of over 100 distributed across the country by the Anthem Foundation to support Triple Play programming, which focuses on being healthy through the mind, body and soul.



Wish List items for ages 8-18

• Clothing – socks, pants, sweatshirts, jackets, hats, mittens, gloves, boots

• Games – board games of any kind for ages 8-18

• Art – craft, paint, yarn, string, etc.

• Books – any kind for ages 8-18

• Sports equipment – basketball, soccer ball, water bottles, etc.

• Hygiene – shampoo, soap, toothbrushes, deodorant, etc.

• Stuffed animals

• Blankets


Unfortunately the Club cannot accept the following items at this time

• Old electronics – tube TVs, computers, VHS, etc.

• Pianos

• Foosball tables

• Broken items

The Boys & Girls Club is very grateful for the generous
and continued support of the Chippewa Valley community.

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