2018 Corporate Board of Directors

Executive Committee Board Members Board of Directors Member of the Month

Trevor Bohland

Paul Swartos
President Elect

Deb Fischer
Past President

Craig Olsen

Brian Trowbridge

Michael Siakpere
Vice President of Programming Outcomes

Dan Diehn

Jeff Engedal

Lauren Evans

Dianna Fiergola

Dr. Mary Ann Hardebeck

Jill Hoeft

Vicki Hoehn

Carl Holmquist

Nicole Lasker

Tim MacLaughlin-Barck

Terri Markquart

Terry McHugh

Dennis Pischer

Shelly Pryse

Dr. Oludayo Sarumi

Becky Seelen

Our Board Member of the Month is Brian Trowbridge. Brian Trowbridge comes to us from the Eau Claire County Sheriff’s Office and has been a Board Member from 2015. Brian was driven to be involved with the Club because both of his sons participated in our summer programs. He believes the Club is a great thing for our communities and kids!

Brian’s favorite Club event is the Holiday Shopping Spree as well as the Dinner events which are really focused on Club Member’s. He enjoys having the kids attend and seeing the artwork they create.

When Brian is not working or volunteering at the Club, he enjoys outdoor activities such as camping, fishing and hunting. He also spends a lot of time at scouting events with his boys.

Thank you, Brian, for making a difference in the lives of so many youth in our community!  Your support and dedication is truly appreciated!


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